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Who we are?

Through its existence Eco Action has worked on many projects contributing towards better protection of the environment. The team was committed in raising the public awareness through educative workshops for university and high school students using innovative approaches of protecting the environment where we live instead of the old fashioned methods that ecology means only cleaning the dump fills. Eco Action was also actively involved in the decision making processes considering environmental policies on local level. The expertise of Eco Action was strengthened by the professionals from the Institute for Environment and Health within SEE University. Even though Eco Action has started as a small and non formal organization we have managed to implement many important projects, and to involve as many ecologists as possible. First major project of Eco Action was organizing a celebration of Car Free Day in Tetovo in 2009. This was really big step in raising public awareness about using public transport and walking in order to complete everyday tasks. Eco Action has expanded its activities above organizing events through its involvement at the decision making process and monitor of the process for issuing B integrated ecological permits.

Basic Info

Full name of the organization:
Ecological association Eco Action Tetovo
Address: Blagoja Toska BL82/BA-1/2 Tetovo
Phone: +389 75 457 548
PADOR: MK-2012-BYZ-0611388684


Protection and sustainable development of the environment.


Eco Action is a leading ecological organization in protecting the environment through increased participation in the process of creating policies for reducing the impact of climate changes, increasing the ecological awareness among citizens and creating strategic documents in the field of environmental protection.

What do we do

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Raising the public awareness

Saving the environment

Energy efficiency

Making the environment more efficient

Environmental policies


“Monitoring of the process of issuing the B integrated permit”

B integrated permit

“Promoting and initiating mutual cooperation and networking between CSOs and Local self-governments”


Eco Action part of SIGN Academy of Sustainability



More info about us

  • Donors and Friends

    GEF, Civica mobilitas, MCMS, CIRa, Ministry of Environment, Municipality of Tetovo, Multikultura, Centre for Sustainable Community Development – Debar, Institute for Environment and Health

  • Our Strategic Plan for 2016-2020

  • Activities implemented by ECO ACTION

    1. Workshops and meetings with youth - At these meetings students from Universities and High schools as well as other citizens are talking about nature and environment.
    2. Campaigns, brochures and leaflets - ECO ACTION have published a lot of brochures and leaflets for rising citizen's awareness.
    3. Educational excursions - The goal of these excursions is to emphasize the beauty of nature and how pollution can affect it.

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Our Amazing Team

The team is consistent of group of enthusiasts who want to help to save and protect the environment. We as an organization that it's primarly objective is protecting the environment, are focusing on providing to the citizens a surrounding that will be better for all of the population.

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